William A. Leonard

Computer Services
Individuals and Small Businesses


I have concluded my services and I am no longer consulting.

To my clients... Thank you for your business.
It has been my pleasure to serve you.

FAQs About my retirement

Am I dying or have I got some debilitating illness?

No. I'm fine.

Am I retiring for everybody?

No. Just for me.
(OK, I know what you mean... Yeah, I'm retiring absolutely. I'm closing up shop.)

Can you ask a quick question?

No, sorry. I made a business of answering questions and solving problems. Being retired doesn't mean I'm now going to do it for free.

What am I going to do now?

Whatever I want.

I have been consulting since 1991 and I have served over 800 clients including individuals, local and national businesses.

I've created a list of useful utilities that I use in my computers and that I recommend to my clients.

For at least a little while longer, I'll keep my rally "scrapbook" up for browsing... until my web site lease expires.

I no longer collect, refurbish, and then give away used computer equipment. There is little demand and the stuff is accumulating. I'm discarding it all. You can browse and claim the free stuff here until it's gone.

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